Why Travel with a Christian Company

Congratulations on the decision to include student travel in your curriculum!  The benefits of such an experience can stay with a student for life!

The investments involved in providing a student-travel opportunity are great for both the teacher and the parents.  With that in mind, including a Christian perspective greatly increases the return on that investment.

We believe approaching all of life from a Christian worldview is necessary.  If we truly are to live out our God-given objectives, we must see all of life through His lenses – especially history – it’s His Story.  Why am I here?  Why did THAT happen?  Why did God use that person, that event to change history?  How did God use that event for good?

These are all questions that can be discussed and developed in unique ways when you are standing in front of a war memorial, or on the grounds of the home of a man like George Washington.  Our minds are engaged with our surroundings in a way that can bring a real-life approach to understanding the events and people of history.

As godly e0039ducators, we do not want to miss these incredible moments of capturing young minds with the over-arching plan of God from creation to this very day.  The good, the bad, and the ugly never ‘mess-up’ God’s plan.  The ACTS Education Program Leaders are trained and equipped to engage you and your students with the amazing acts of God throughout history on location.  These moments can change the question from ‘why am I here?’ to ‘God, what is Your plan for me, because You tell me I am here for a purpose?’

Additional thoughts to consider when deciding whether or not to use a Christian Company for your educational travel program:

  • Spiritual growth is often ignited or stoked during a unique time away from daily routines.
  • During an ACTS Education Program, students will meet Education Program Leaders who are committed to Christ and engaged in learning about and living their faith.
  • The Judeo-Christian thoughts, writings, and actions of founding fathers and contemporary believers are highlighted and set before students (and adults) as role models to emulate.
  • Prayer, devotional thoughts and challenges are a part of each day.
  • Standards of behavior and expectations are set before students in light of living for the higher cause of honoring and reflecting Jesus to those met while traveling.
  • ACTS as an entire company shares the goals and objectives of your school in impacting your students for Christ first and foremost.  We help fulfill your school’s mission.

Planning your Education Program with American Christian Tours will be an investment in not only the educational development of your students, but also their spiritual development.  Contact us today to learn more about planning your next program with ACTS.

Click this link to learn more about ACTS Christian Distinctives:  http://www.acts-tours.com/ACTSChrstDistinct.html#worldchangers

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