BOOK REVIEW: The Daily Walk Bible

Submitted by Traci G., Education Program Leader

My formative years were like most of those with whom I grew up–church every Sunday morning and evening and Wednesday nights and then there was Youth Group every Tuesday, plus once-a-month, week-long in-depth Bible studies. I was at church a lot! And then there were the stories read to me at home and the special summertime Bible studies. We read from the King James Bible and were taught the meaning of Scripture in context of biblical culture and times. The rich, poetic-style of the King James Bible will always have a special place in my heart.

With the outside-of-church demands that many people face today, the average church-goer is often not under the detailed, multi-faceted instruction that was common during my youth. And we unfortunately often allow our schedules to squeeze our time so much that we “fit” the Bible into our day rather than fitting our lives around the Bible!The Daily Walk Bible

I have found The Daily Walk Bible to be very helpful, in part because it is a translation that is easy to understand. It is also well structured in that there are three points addressed at the start of every day’s reading:

  • An explanation that puts the customs, perspectives and meanings of the Scripture passage into clear context.
  • How to apply the verses to my modern life.
  • A spiritual challenge.

This set-up allows me to have a structured little Bible study every day! As an Education Program Leader, I’m always on the lookout for pertinent ways to illustrate the Bible to my groups; these daily lessons are invaluable to me both personally and professionally.

The Daily Walk Bible, which is arranged traditionally—Genesis through Revelations, has made the Bible a page-turner, even the parts we tend to gloss over….the “begets” and the details of how things were built! As I read, I want to know what’s going to happen next–even if I already know the story!

I got married in 2011; the first gift I gave my husband was The Daily Walk Bible. While he is a brilliant “numbers” guy, reading has always been difficult for him. Yet he is the one to announce each night, “It’s time to read our Bible!” The reading pace is do-able for both of us—the “read-aholic” and the “numbers” guy; it’s not too much to read, or too little.

The Daily Walk Bible also incorporates a day of “rest” or an overview on the seventh day! We generally are a day ahead of the plan, but if traveling, sickness, or the craziness of life gets us behind, that “seventh day” give us the opportunity to catch up and to not be overwhelmed or discouraged.

This Bible was given to me in 2007 by American Christian Tours and I’ve gone through it each year. I have gifted The Daily Walk Bible to everyone from a pre-teen nephew, to a highly educated divinity professor, friends from many nations and a grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease. It is a favorite among my family and friends. And most importantly, it is valued by my husband. I love the discussions it has prompted between us, my friends, and family. Knowing that the other ACTS Program Leaders are also “walking” through this Bible gives us a bond—it’s like being able to call/text any one of them and we are spiritually, and literally, on the same page!

I would encourage anyone, no matter the date on the calendar, to START reading The Daily Walk Bible!

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