The Benefits of Traveling with ACTS

‘P0206lanning an educational trip for my students cannot be much more challenging than planning a trip for my family, right?’

That’s a great question worth exploring!

Initially it may not seem to be much different, but here are few important facts, and many benefits, to keep in mind when partnering with ACTS to plan your educational tour program.


  • When a school plans their own trip they may be able to charge the participants less; yet have all the costs been considered? It’s important to count the cost of the time spent by school staff to organize and maintain the trip. Once an organizer experiences the ease of working with American Christian Tours and the confidence they can have knowing that all the details are being addressed, they often realize it is actually an overall cost-savings to let us plan their next Education Program!
  • As a 30-year-old company that specializes in group travel, we are able to negotiate better prices with suppliers due to the fact that we deal in thousands, rather than a few reservations, each year.

Insurance/liability:  ACTS maintains high-level insurance coverage to alleviate any stress or concern for the school reg0139arding accidents or problems while on the tour. Participants registered at least 75 days prior to departure are additionally covered with a medical insurance policy.

Financial Protection and peace of mind:  ACTS has the best financial protection – period. By our own choosing, your monies are held in an FDIC insured bank trust account administered by an independent firm of CPAs. Learn more about how your investment is protected.

Licensed guides:  We provide a licensed Education Program Leader, who is a dedicated follower of Christ that will be with your group 24/7. All of our EPLs have been trained by Christian historians and present history from a biblical worldview. ACTS EPLs will take care of all of the logistics while on the tour, and share historical facts and information interwoven with godly principles. Our amazing EPLs are passionate about working with you in the mission to impact young lives for Christ.

Easy, stream-lined registration & accounting

  • We maintain all registration and accounting records. Participants communicate directly with ACTS regarding registration and payments with flexible payment options.
  • Online personalized office available to organizer for up-to-the-minute information and reports.

Custom Itinerary planning and scheduling:  Your ACTS Consultant will work with you to customize an itinerary that best reflects the learning objectives for your group. Our Operations team then goes to work making all arrangements – from flights, motorcoaches, accommodations, meals, and attractions, we do it all! Be assured that we contract exceptional hotels that work well with groups, and night time-security is always included to ensure the entire group gets a good night’s rest.

Organizers and teachers can relax and enjoy:  From start to finish, the expert ACTS team works hard so teachers and organizers can focus on enjoying this life-changing experience with the students.

  • Pre-trip: Planning and scheduling, financial details (both receiving and paying out), confirming and reconfirming, tweaking and adjusting to make sure every detail is in place is what we do.
  • During the trip: Our exceptional Education Program Leaders and our professional motorcoach drivers work together to deliver an outstanding program; our office team stays two steps ahead ensuring a smooth flow of events –even when weather, flight delays, traffic issues, or last-minute changes come in to play. We’re with you all the way!
  • Post-trip: It is very important to us to receive your honest feedback on how we did at meeting your expectations. We desire a long term friendship that is built on making our program and service to you better and better with each opportunity.

Complimentary participants based on number of paying participants0264

Travel Reward Points

Match Program for smaller groups

CEUs for teachers

Visit our website to learn more!  It may be one of the best investments into your student curriculum!

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