The Making of America

0014 American Christian Tours Education Program Leaders are lifelong learners!  In order to give their best while on the road with students, they invest in their own learning at home.  Corrie H. recently completed a program provided by The National Center for Constitutional Studies; this is her review.

The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS)’s eleven lesson presentation on the framing principles and evolution of America’s government provides a thorough look at the roots, the original intent, and the current interpretation of our Constitution.  A free, nearly 5 hour seminar with downloadable study guide, “The Making of America: The Founders’ Principles of Liberty and the Meaning of the Constitution” is an excellent resource for all Americans looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the true meaning behind the words and those following “We the People…”

The seminar, lead by Earl Taylor,  provides the historical context from which the Constitution was born by tracing the forms of government & the history-altering documents in England’s past, the 180 years of trial and error during the colonial period in America, as well as the struggles the States faced under the Articles of Confederation. Arguing that the Founders found the “Balanced Center” between anarchy & tyranny when they crafted the Constitution, Mr. Taylor sites the examples of the Anglo-Saxons & the Israelites for the institution for our representative, republican government of checks and balances.0019

Once the historical context and philosophical, Christian mindset of our forefathers is established, the remainder of the seminar, lessons 7-11, is spent on the analysis of the Constitution itself including the amendments. The 20 powers of  Congress, the 6 duties of the President, and the 11 kinds of cases concerning the Supreme Court as laid out in the Constitution are all examined for their original intent by the Founders, their subsequent changes over the years by amendments and judicial decree, and their consequent effects upon today’s America. Much of what Earl Taylor communicates will unfortunately surprise the average American. He reveals the reasons and the wisdom behind each article as well as the many foolish and un-Constitutional interpretations played out in our country today.

As an American, the kind of information made available in this seminar is invaluable. Also, as Christians, it behooves us to grasp the concepts of our Constitution as many of those responsible for its framework where like-minded brothers in Christ: so, we can understand that America was designed for a moral people; our freedoms are unalienable because they come from God; the oath of office holds sway because of the fear of God; checks & balances work because they were designed with human nature in mind; etc, etc, etc. “The Making of America: The Founders’ Principles of Liberty and the Meaning of the Constitution” is a phenomenal resource as both a firm foundation for understanding our Constitution as well as a means for uncovering the root of error in our nation’s government today.

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