How can a 6th grader be a patriot?

Iwo BlogStudents today are being impacted by many things. Pop culture, social media, games, and entertainment are all competing for the hearts of America’s youth. Are patriotism and self-sacrifice becoming out-dated?

We don’t think so. Investing in our young people has lasting impact.

A sixth-grader on a recent Education Program shares her story – in her own words:

Why I Love America

Tears filled a pregnant mother’s eyes as she ran out of her building. Not one, but two planes hit the World Trade Center and there was nothing she could do. Thankfully that mother was mine and I was only harmed in one place, my heart. Hearing that story over and over has made me the patriot I am today.

You might be saying, “How can a sixth grader be a patriot?” Well, let me explain. I was born into a country with no dictators, and a godly heritage. That might not be enough for you, but in my heart, that’s all I care about. As many have said, “America is a great melting pot!” In case you didn’t know, that means we are all immigrants and have been hurt or enslaved, but we’re all bound together in the fondue which is America! Some people don’t believe that, so I give up my money in hope that one day they could understand how blessed they are to live in such a beautiful country!

So the next time you see Old Glory or hear The Star Spangled Banner don’t ignore it! Stand up and be proud of the country we live in every day!

Patricia M. (6th grade)
(Shared by permission)

We know Patricia will be one of those young people whose life will leave an impact on the world.  Only one life…for such a time as this.

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