Back to School Time!

You can feel it in the air — the excitement of a brand new school year!   One of the benefits of our electronic world is that education in no longer limited to brick-and-mortar institutions.  And there are also opportunities for high quality learning that cost little — or even nothing, such as through the online offerings of Hillsdale College.  Nolan, an ACTS Regional Sales Rep and an Education Program Leader recently completed a Hillsdale class and shares his thoughts on the experience:  

 Hillsdale College offers a free online course called “History 102 – Colonial Settlement to the Reagan Revolution,” comprised of ten, 45-minute lectures, as well as a number of original documents and speeches that you’re required to read. This course examines the principle of self-governing and how self-governance was infused into the founding of America and is one of the key contributors to its long lasting impact on the world.

I found most of the lectures, each centered around a different time period in American history, to be engaging and the information excellent, although a couple of the lecturers were a little dry in their delivery.  I particularly enjoyed the fifth lecture “Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers,” where the professor discussed the challenges America faced at the conclusion of the American War for Independence and why the Articles of Confederation needed to be overhauled into the current United States Constitution. This document, imbedded with the idea that the people must govern themselves, revolutionized how nations not only can, but should be governed.

I enjoyed studying the different examples that demonstrated how the principle of self governing has influenced everything from American economics to our foreign policy.  This lecture series will not only answer why big government is not the solution, but it will give conclusive evidence that self-governing is a basic principle that must continue in order for America to continue to have a positive impact in the world.

If you had the opportunity to study any subject, what class would you take?


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