One Life Within a Nation

As you go along your merry ole” way,
your enemy approaches to steal the day.
You won’t go down without a fight,
you put forth every bit of your might.
As your enemy creepeth’ right on through,
there’s only one thing left you can do.
Your days are numbered, you must make a choice,
it’s made with your heart and sometimes your voice.
You stop, take a look at what God did for you,
realizing your unworthy, now you see He’s true ♥
He reveals you have ONLY ONE LIFE to live,
and offers you His priceless, eternal, free gift!!
You bow humbly before Him, begging for forgiveness,
He forgives you and asks “Child, will you be my witness?” ♥
You ask Him to take over, forever, your heart,
He rejoices, “Child you’re mine! From you, I WILL NEVER DEPART!”
You declare Him Victor over your new life,
and that He’s the Son of God and you know He is Light.
You praise Him because He died for you and me,
and for taking the sins of the world up on that tree.
He didn’t stop there, because God had a plan,
He rose three days later, He never was just a man!
Now, He righteously sits next to God,
interceding for His children that He loves and He bought. ♥
With this known truth you are stronger every hour,
Your enemy, now your footstool, is without any power.
So each day you strengthen because it’s your fate,
as you continue to push through to that pearly gate.
Equipped with His authority, now you are free,
you learn very quickly that obedience is key.
Now you are ready to start your own mission,
cause God can now trust you with your very own vision.
So lift your heart and life to Him and listen to Him close,
Cause He’s the one that cares and loves you the most!
Look to Him for your every need and answer,
Cause He will now be your new life enhancer.
Thank Him everyday for your undeserving Salvation, ♥
Cause you’re not the ONLY one He did this for…
He did this for a NATION! ♥
by Pam Peet, Accommodations Specialist, American Christian Tours


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