Gratitude and a reflective, quiet spirit go hand-in-hand.

We’re not talking about momentary gratitude—the kind where you make sure to text a very sincere “Thnx a lot!! emoji, emoji…” but then quickly move about your busy day. Rather, we are speaking of the gratitude that is a way of life—a pervasive attitude that affects every moment, every thought and decision, of every day.

This kind of gratitude is difficult to find in this day and age—an age where students’ schedules are packed full with extracurriculars galore, an age where every “down” moment is spent on a smart phone (rather than in quiet, personal thought), an age of instant information and solutions for everything…

There is no time spent waiting, no time slots in the day left empty, and therefore there is no time for reflection. Where there is no time for reflection, there is no time to enter into the deep recesses of a quiet and grateful spirit.

Yes, true gratitude is both difficult to find and difficult to teach in this age of busyness and instant gratification. But as difficult as it is to teach true gratitude, we at American Christian Tours believe it is imperative that we try.

How do we do this? By taking your students away from the norm of their busy lives and engaging them in a life-changing Educational Program that will provide opportunities to:

  • reflect on the costly manner in which their freedoms were originally bought
  • consider the sacrifices of those who have fought to maintain those freedoms
  • live out their appreciation of the freedoms they have been given

commit to fight for freedoms that are currently being threatened.  But, please don’t take our word for it!   Apply now to observe an ACTS Educational Program firsthand and see for yourself how our programs can inspire your students toward a lifestyle of reflective gratitude that leads to world-changing action.

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