Hidden Gems: Four exclusive ACTS benefits


Do you know that feeling you get when your eyes are opened to something wonderful that has been right in front of you all along, you just never knew it existed?

  • Credit card points that you’ve been accumulating and one day you learn that you can use them to cover hotel costs for your family’s next vacation.
  • A student who has been in your class all year, but suddenly you realize his or her untapped potential and discover how to effectively teach them in a way that makes them excel beyond what they (or you) ever expected.

Hidden gems.

American Christian Tours is kind of like that…full of hidden gems and benefits that you may have never known existed.

That’s why we wanted to highlight four exclusive ACTS benefits that we feel are just too wonderful to allow them to go unnoticed any longer…

  1. Michael Furchert, A Miracle Behind the Berlin Wall – Special speaker for your school events

As an East German teenager, Michael was the third generation of Furcherts who stood up for their faith against the Communist Party. He saw firsthand the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a preferred benefit for schools traveling with ACTS, we will underwrite the cost of bringing Michael to your school to speak at chapel services, assemblies, classes, teacher in-service days or similar events. His story will bring an unparalleled challenge to your students to stand firm in their faith and to passionately follow Christ.

  1. Biblical Integration at Each Site – Christian Character Discussion

Our Education Program Leaders go beyond just sharing stats and facts, as they desire not only for your students to grow in head-knowledge but also in godly heart transformation.

  1. Office Staff Who Pray for You by Name

Our ACTS office staff meets together to pray not only for all outgoing tours in general, but also for individual school/teacher requests that may or may not be tour-related. In fact, we are so committed to praying for you, we have a special email account to receive your prayer requests: requestprayer@acts-tours.com.

  1. Family Tours and Adult Tours Available

We understand that some schools are not in a position to travel with their students. However, you may know some individuals or families in your school or church that would jump at the opportunity to go on an Education Program. We would love to welcome them onto one of our 2016 Family Tours or our 2016 Adult Tours!

Would you like to get in on any of these (or other) ACTS perks?

Let’s start a conversation!


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