May Spring

Perhaps, as an educator, the mention of spring evokes feelings of busyness, STRESS, and the final hectic push to the end of the school year.

But hopefully amidst the busyness you are able to truly experience spring – the season of the senses:

See the bright sunshine streaming through the clouds

Hear the birds singing joyful songs as they awake with the dawn

Smell the fragrance of flowers wafting in the wind

Taste the moist, fresh air just after a rain shower

Touch the morning dew that glistens on your windshield

At American Christian Tours, we understand that to fully enjoy and appreciate anything, you must experience it with all of your senses.

This is one reason why so many educators, students, and parents love the educational programs we offer. We offer a holistic experience that will engage your group on every level. Here are just a few examples:


See the balcony at the Lorraine Motel where MLK, Jr. was assassinated

Hear water splashing against the riverboat as you sail down the Mighty Mississippi

Smell pan-fried chicken and barbecue

Taste traditional southern grits and sweet tea

Touch the actual battlefields of Shiloh and Kennesaw Mountain

BOSTONMay Boston

See numerous historic sites as you walk Boston’s 2.5-mile Freedom Trail

Hear the story of Paul Revere at Old North Church

Smell the nearby ocean and fresh-cooked seafood

Taste New England clam chowder or Yankee pot roast

Touch the 1889 National Monument to the Forefathers symbolizing the principles upon which our country was founded


See the inside of a 209-year old house on The Amish Farm and House tour

Hear an Amish horse-drawn buggy clopping down the road

Smell the “fresh” country air, filled with the scent of dairy and chicken farms

Taste shoo-fly pie at an Amish family-style restaurant

Touch authentic Amish-made quilts, baskets, dolls, and wood products

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Request a quote today and an ACTS Representative will be happy to talk with you further about how we can join you in offering to your group a holistic educational experience that will engage them on every level.


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