Misconceptions of “Summer Off”


“It must be nice to get the whole summer off each year!”

Can you even count how many times you have heard one version or another of this statement?

Although it would be nice if teachers really had three months of sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, enjoying their favorite shows or books, etc., we at American Christian Tours understand that, in reality, a teacher’s summer is most often filled with one or more of the following:

  • Teaching summer school
  • Working a second job
  • Completing home-improvement projects that got pushed off during the school year
  • Actually spending quality time with your OWN kids
  • Prepping new lessons/revamping old lessons
  • Taking continuing education courses
  • Studying up on new technology or curriculum that you will be expected to seamlessly implement next year
  • Setting up your classroom for the fall
  • And, yes, finally taking a much-needed vacation for a couple weeks, just like every other job allows (not three months)

Do you agree? If so, join the conversation!

Visit our Facebook page or comment here to let us know how YOU spend YOUR summer. How much time do you actually have “off”?

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