Do you plan your own student travel?


Dear Teacher who plans and executes your own student educational travel program,

You are amazing.

As if your daily life as an educator weren’t busy enough with teaching, grading, meetings, family, and any extracurricular activities you may oversee…

Your passion for the value of student travel runs so deeply that you also pour hours and hours into planning and executing your own educational trip. In your not-so-spare time, you are teacher, tour guide, travel agent, and accountant all wrapped in one.

We see you and we applaud you.

When we ask you to consider allowing American Christian Tours (ACTS) to partner with you as you plan your education program, we are NOT suggesting that you are incapable of doing it on your own. Obviously, you are VERY capable.

We just understand that your time is valuable and limited. We would love to help share your workload so that you can spend more time with your primary passions – your family and your students.

We cannot deny that there ARE pros to traveling on your own…but a quick comparison will show that the pros of working with ACTS far outweigh them!

Pros of Traveling on My Own

  • It’s cheaper to travel on our own.
  • I can plan the trip my own way.
  • I can teach at the sites about which I am most passionate.

Pros of Traveling with ACTS

  • Time is money. When I add up the additional time and energy (and stress) it takes to plan the trip alone, traveling with a tour company may be worth it!
  • I can plan the trip my own way – ACTS allows me to be involved in the planning of my trip.
  • I can still teach if I wish, but I have the freedom to sit back and relax. ACTS program leaders are well-trained and prepared to teach at every site, but are also flexible enough to let me share any stories and lessons about which I am most passionate.
  • While I’m busy teaching throughout the year, I can relax knowing that ACTS is busy making all of the arrangements for our travel, accommodations, and attractions.
  • I don’t have to handle the money – ACTS has a full-service accounting department that works with participants as they make easy online payments.
  • On the road, my ACTS program leader handles all logistics and works through any unexpected situations that may arise so I can sit back, relax, and connect with my students.
  • I get to travel free! (Pending the total number of paid participants—see FAQs for details)

Want to know more?  Give us a call (800-222-2001) or send an email (!  We are thrilled to answer any questions.

Need more convincing?

Don’t take our word for it – hear what other teachers have to say!

Check out the videos on the sidebars of the Educators page of our website.


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