Book Review: The Hiding Place

Every once in awhile there is a story that transcends generations as it impacts hearts and breathes courage into ordinary hearts. So it is with the life of Corrie ten Boom. EPL Krista shares her thoughts on Corrie’s book The Hiding Place, which was also adapted to film and is available on DVD.


“In one of the most pivotal books of faith in the 20th century, Corrie ten Boom told her story of hiding Jews and going to a concentration camp during World War II in The Hiding Place. The term “hiding place” is literally what was referred to as the place in the ten Boom home, where they would hide Jewish people as a part of the resistance to the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in the 1940s. But it also is a reference to Psalm 32:7, which states “You, [God], are my hiding place.” This scripture becomes a banner for Corrie’s life as she sacrifices her own needs for the needs of others, and then gets placed in one of the darkest corners on the earth.

“The book starts going over Corrie’s early life in the Netherlands, and leads up to World War II events.  Corrie, along with her sister, Betsy, were bachelorettes and always lived with their father in Haarlem until they were well into their fifties. Casper ten Boom was a watch-maker, and well-loved in the their community. Every day started with the Word of God, and people knew to come to them for any need because of their Christian faith. Thus, when World War II broke out and they were approached to hide Jews, they did so without hesitation.

“Eventually, the ten Booms were betrayed. Corrie, Betsy, and Casper were all imprisoned. Because Casper was a very elderly man, he died while imprisoned.  Corrie and Betsy, however, were sent into Germany to the ominous Ravensbruck women’s concentration camp. Miracle after miracle occurred, including God allowing the women to take a Bible into the concentration camp (any material such as a Bible was strictly forbidden). They began a Bible study, and kept spirits uplifted through the dire circumstances, which included beatings, starvation, and horrible conditions. They even praised the Lord that their bunkhouse was filled with lice because it kept the guards away to continue to lead Bible studies!

“Corrie’s spirit was, self-admitting, less upbeat than Betsy’s spirit. Betsy kept her heart always in thankfulness and compassion. After having a dream about the German people, who were so bitterly beating them and killing all those around them, Betsy told Corrie that God was going to use these two women to minister to the Germans after the War. Corrie and Betsy meet different ends, but nothing diminishes the faithfulness and power of God’s grace through their message.

Follow the ten Boom’s through a story that teaches people to stand strong when the consequences are perilous, but God’s faithfulness and forgiveness are stronger still! This timeless classic is a must read for any person, anywhere. The Hiding Place speaks through the generations and will continue to minister to people for generations to come.”

One thought on “Book Review: The Hiding Place

  1. Love, love this story and the impact Corrie can have on the lives of our youth today! Thanks for brightening my day with this reminder of about God’ graciousness and how faith can move mountains!

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