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As followers of Jesus Christ look at the evolving culture in the United States, it is easy to see that it is drifting away from its Judeo-Christian roots.  Yet when asked how Christians should engage with the culture, many are at a loss of how to respond.  EPL Krista reviews what has become a classic on the topic of Christian engagement and biblical worldview.

“Written by Chuck Colson, Now How Shall We Live, is a book that dives into facing the contemporary world and what to do with that world as a Christian. An apologetics book to its core, it speaks to Christians about why we believe what we believe. While other apologetics might concentrate on how to speak to non-Christians from a Christian perspective or speaks to a non-Christian on why they should become Christian, this particular book almost deals with convincing oneself why we are Christians. At least maybe that is how it spoke to me. This book should be in the arsenal of every Christian.

How now

“In a world and a culture that was slowly and now rapidly taking God away from its entertainment and government, a book like this is especially important to know how to define and defend our faith. Not only our faith but our culture. Specifically dealing with postmodernism, which is not only taking God completely out of all areas of our life but actively fighting to keep Him out. This book shows what happens when people keep God in its culture and when He is taken out.

“Colson was easily able to break apart the book into 5 parts. The first part is about worldview. Four chapters explain how Christianity is different than other worldviews, and why it matters for Christians to be able to define their belief. He also addresses how moral relativism, pragmatism, etcetera have seeped into our government and entertainment and have effectively inched more towards taking God out of every one of these areas.

“Colson asserted, ‘If we are going to make a difference in our world, we must grasp these profoundly contrary views of reality’ (Page 21). 

“The second part dives into Creation and why there is a strong argument for Creation from the perspective of a Christian. While there are many resources on this subject, what I find so riveting is reading a story before, or during, each chapter of people who have been affected in their faith, or lives, by each specific issue.

“Part three deals with the other side of what happens when a society or situation goes to the contrasting side of evil.  For instance, when a communist community or when sin entered the world.

“Parts four and five have to do with redemption and restoration. Why it is important for our worldviews to align with Jesus? It is important, because if we are restored we should and can restore the world around us. Filled with stories and the Gospel, these parts are the heart of this book.

“The entire book leaves you with information and knowledge about the evils of being passive to the little evils that are surrounding us and slowly choking out our identity as Christians and, even as Americans.

“This book truly is a must-read for those who know that God has a place in our culture, but cannot articulate the ‘why’ He belongs.”

Colson, Charles. How Now Shall We Live. Tyndale: Wheaton, Il. 1999

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