A Gift from ACTS to You!


Although Amazon is a hassle-free way to accomplish all your Christmas shopping, there is something innately satisfying about seeing, feeling or experiencing a gift firsthand before committing to buy. Yes, even if the item has 4.5 stars and 1,273 reviews.

That’s why our Christmas gift to you this year is a chance to see and experience an ACTS Education Program firsthand.  

See the coupon below for your personal invitation to become a participant on one of our Education Programs already booked for this spring.  And feel free to “re-gift” this coupon to a teacher who may be pondering adding a travel element to their curriculum.


Valid for participation on a 2017 ACTS Education Program
Visit our Fam Tour Page or call 800-222-2001 for more information.
COUPON CODE: FREEFAM4U *Transportation costs to and from the Education Program not included.                                   Some limitations apply, based on availability.


THANK YOU for all the time and effort you have poured into your students this past semester. May God bless you for your investment in their lives, and may you be reminded that your labor is not in vain!

Wishing you true JOY this Christmas season,

The ACTS Family



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