The Great Little Madison

madisonJames Madison…so who was this guy?  What is he famous for?  Why should I care about him?  Check out this book review by EPL Corrie.

“In her book The Great Little Madison, Jean Fritz tells simply yet thoroughly of the life and legacy of one of America’s greatest Founding Fathers. Balanced and (mostly) unbiased, her biographical account of James Madison sheds light on his family, his politics, and his thoughts from birth to death (1751-1836). His actions and contributions to this great, free country during its birth and infancy are of great importance and are succinctly recounted in this easy read.

 “The Great Little Madison provides an excellent overview of the Father of the Constitution and 4th President of the United States of America. Never over-emphasizing any one period or achievement in Madison’s life, Fritz is able to cover a great deal of ground in one short book. Concise and easy to read, this book is most likely best suited for a middle-school audience; however, it is of great benefit for anyone wishing for a quick yet comprehensive snap-shot of Madison’s life! This book would be a great companion and aid for anyone visiting Montpelier, Philadelphia, or Washington, DC.

“James Madison’s authorship of the Constitution, his published notes from the Continental Congress, his presidency of 8 years, and his leadership during the War of 1812 are just a few of the many significant contributions Madison gave this country and which remain an eternal legacy of his service to America. Jean Fritz does him honour by portraying this slight but truly great figure in U.S. history as the thoughtful and dedicated hero that he is. Lest you forget the dedication, the passion, and the sacrifice of our Founding Fathers, consider reading this portrait of the Father of the Constitution!”

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