When Culture Winds Blow…


A cold March wind is currently howling outside my window; I watch with fascination as trees bend and sway under its force. I have already been outside once to rescue my kids’ toys from hurtling off our front porch into our neighbor’s yard.


This one word emerges in my mind and sticks there as I stare out my window.

My heart’s deep desire for my children is that they be grounded, rooted in truth, so that when culture winds blow with astounding force, my children will stand firm.


At American Christian Tours (ACTS), this is our heart’s desire not only for our own children but also for students across the nation—your students.

On an ACTS Education Program, our goal is not just to educate the mind with stats and facts, but to prepare students to stand firm amidst the ever-changing winds of culture. We wish to help students become grounded in truth so that the culture will not change them; rather, they may change the culture.

If you are interested in learning more about ACTS Education Programs, please visit us on our website, Facebook, or send us an email at information@acts-tours.com.

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