Live to Give!

Teenage philanthropist Austin Gutwein wrote the book LIVE TO GIVE with the hope of inspiring other young people to approach life differently.  Check out EPL Maxine’s review of this book.Live to Give

Do you need to be “old” before you can be used by God for his purpose? Do you need to have a degree in your “specialty?”   Not at all!

LIVE TO GIVE by Austin Gutwein tells how Austin uses his talent for God’s purposes starting at age 9.  Austin challenges you, the reader, to examine your own life, no matter your age, to find your own unique talent/gift and how God would choose to use it.

At age 9, Austin saw a program about the problem of AIDS in Zambia and all the children that are known as AIDS orphans.  It touched his heart and at age 13, with help of family and friends, he started a program called Hoops for Hope to raise money.  Miraculous things have been done with that money to change the lives of those children.

Austin is inspired by the biblical account (Mark 6:38) of the boy with a small lunch of five loaves and two fishes, the only person with a lunch that day, and how Jesus feed thousands and had leftovers! That boy was very unique or different in that crowd that day.  God can use each of our unique “talents” for his purpose.

I did have a problem initially getting into the book.  He wanted to get the point across that we all are uniquely made by God and He will use that uniqueness for his purpose if we allow him. The first half of the book keeps saying that in different ways.

I did find the last part of the book helpful as he goes into the problem of bullying that is so prevalent today.  He points out that when you are different from your peers, through their own insecurities, they will start bullying you.  He gives ways for you to handle the bullying and sometimes you can even get them on your side.

The bottom line is to use your uniqueness for what God wants of you and he will He will help you take care of the rest.

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