Something Old, Something New

Back to school

And you’re back again.

Back to the old, familiar routine of:

  • setting up your classroom for another year
  • attending staff meetings and teacher training sessions
  • delivering your first-day-of-class speech on rules and expectations
  • gathering first impressions of which students will test your patience this year

If you’ve been doing this for a while, the ebb and flow of a new school year is old hat. You may find yourself saying along with King Solomon, “There is nothing new under the sun.”

But then, there are the students.

The students are the one thing that is truly new each year. They are likely the reason YOU first got into this job in the first place, and why you keep coming back year after year.

Sure, this new batch of students may bear resemblances to students you’ve had in the past… they come in with a similar batch of personalities and attitudes and maturity (or lack thereof) as students have in the past.

But they are not the same.

This year’s Declan is not the exact same person as Brody from three years ago, no matter how much they seem to be wired the same way.

Each student is a unique individual with a unique life story behind them and a unique life purpose ahead of them. And YOU have the opportunity to impact their life forever…to steer them in the direction of becoming world-changers, not world-followers.

What a privilege! What a responsibility!

At American Christian Tours, we, too, are committed to teaching and training the next generation of world changers. We believe that as we look at history, we become more aware of the vital role we play in shaping the future of this great country.

To walk where our forefathers walked, to kneel and pray where they prayed, to read their writings and understand their ideals, will forever impact the lives of your students – the next generation.

Year after year, we continue to “run the race” with more excitement and passion than ever before.

We believe this is a time to challenge young people to stand up for truth and declare dependence on the Almighty and His divine providence.

Will you consider allowing us to partner with you in this great privilege and responsibility?

Take a look at some of our Education Programs, which are designed specifically with the above vision in mind, or give us a call at 800-222-2001 to find out more about how we can customize an Education Program for your particular group.

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