Legacy of Faith: Man from East Berlin to Share Personal Story at Your School

Are you looking for a chapel/assembly speaker that will really connect with your students?  One that will hold their attention and impact their lives?  We would like to highly recommend having Michael Furchert come to your school!  Hearing his story will not only keep their attention, it will challenge and inspire them to be world-changers for Christ.

Michael F

Throughout Nazi Germany, WWII and Communism, one family refused to conform to the secular culture of their day:

  • A grandfather stood alone as the only public-school teacher in his city who refused to join the Nazi party.
  • A father lost his career as a financial economist under the Communist regime, due to his faith.
  • A young teenager refused to join the communist youth party, resulting in the loss of many rights and privileges.

Michael Furchert’s riveting story of faith amid a secular, atheistic culture is a challenge and an inspiration to both young and old alike—and now he is available to come speak at YOUR school!

There is no better time than now, as Christians in today’s culture are pressed with the question: How do we live our faith in a society that is turning increasingly secular?

Michael’s message could not be more timely and relevant.  It will challenge students not to take their freedoms for granted, nor their faith too lightly, but to take a stand for Jesus Christ.

The real-life examples in Michael‘s story will convict students, families, and faculty to resist complacency, indifference, and compromise and will encourage all to become a bolder witness for their faith—thereby making a difference in their families, their communities, and our nation.

To learn more about having Michael come speak at your school, contact us at information@acts-tours.com


Would you like to hear more of the story of the Furchert family?  View the brief video below from Michael himself highlighting his family’s incredible story.


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