What’s the difference?

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Have you ever been skeptical of certain establishments (or people) that carry the label “Christian”?

Do you ever struggle to find any significant difference between some of these establishments and their secular counterparts?

Whether it be coffee shops, restaurants, sports teams, bands, schools, celebrities, families, or the like, sometimes the name “Christian” seems to go no further than a title on a jacket or some inspirational quotes on a wall. So, when you hear the name American Christian Tours tossed around with names of other secular tour companies, we know it is only natural for you to ask—

What’s the difference?

Does a “Christian” tour company simply check off a few “Christian” boxes?

  • Really nice program leaders who attend church on Sundays
  • Lanyards with the word “Christian” on them
  • Prayer before meals

No! At least not American Christian Tours (ACTS).

At ACTS, we believe being a Christian company means so much more than completing a checklist. We are not Christian in name only, but also in practice.

Take a quick look at just a few things that set us apart from secular companies:

Secular Company:  Highlight the individual grit and determination of our nation’s heroes

ACTS:  Applaud grit and determination, but highlight heroes who acknowledged their dependence on God

Secular Company:  Marvel over luck and coincidence

ACTS:  Marvel over God’s providential hand at work for His purposes

Secular Company:  Shared historical facts at each site

ACTS:  Share historical facts with correlating Scripture, Biblical principals, and Christian quotes that make history applicable to students’ everyday lives

Secular Company:  View students as the next generation of dutiful citizens and leaders

ACTS:  View students as the next world-changers – as those who have the potential to make a radical change in our nation for Christ

Would you like to know more?

Read more about what sets up apart.  Then give us a call or send us an email for more information on how easy it is to book an education program with ACTS!


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