About Us


The mission of American Christian Tours (ACTS) is to educate people of all ages to become world changers for the Kingdom of God.

ACTS believes that we were placed here for “such a time as this.”

One of our main demographics is students.  We recall the stories of Joseph, Esther, David, Daniel and others from the holy Scriptures.  We believe that on our tours we have young women and men who are being called by God to stand up and live the only one life they have been given for the glory of God.   We want to stand with them and give them encouragement, inspiration, and tools to assist them as they take their next steps in life.

We also work with adults.  They too have been called to this time and place.  For many, one of their greatest contributions will be to pour into the lives of young people looking for guidance in a world that seems to have no boundaries.  We want to help equip these adults with knowledge and information to share with the young people within their scope of influence.

Please keep American Christian Tours in your prayers as we strive with godly integrity to provide excellent service and share the message God has given us.


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