Krista: Program Leader-Blogger-Worldchanger

Krista has been a part of the ACTS team since 2010 leading students throughout the historic East Coast.  She is an enthusiastic storyteller whose passion for Jesus and America shine as she champions young people and adults to live their lives for a greater purpose! Check out Krista’s blog post on  where she addresses the question: … More Krista: Program Leader-Blogger-Worldchanger

How can a 6th grader be a patriot?

Students today are being impacted by many things. Pop culture, social media, games, and entertainment are all competing for the hearts of America’s youth. Are patriotism and self-sacrifice becoming out-dated? We don’t think so. Investing in our young people has lasting impact. A sixth-grader on a recent Education Program shares her story – in her … More How can a 6th grader be a patriot?

The Making of America

 American Christian Tours Education Program Leaders are lifelong learners!  In order to give their best while on the road with students, they invest in their own learning at home.  Corrie H. recently completed a program provided by The National Center for Constitutional Studies; this is her review. The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS)’s eleven … More The Making of America