Live to Give!

Teenage philanthropist Austin Gutwein wrote the book LIVE TO GIVE with the hope of inspiring other young people to approach life differently.  Check out EPL Maxine’s review of this book. Do you need to be “old” before you can be used by God for his purpose? Do you need to have a degree in your … More Live to Give!

How now…

As followers of Jesus Christ look at the evolving culture in the United States, it is easy to see that it is drifting away from its Judeo-Christian roots.  Yet when asked how Christians should engage with the culture, many are at a loss of how to respond.  EPL Krista reviews what has become a classic on … More How now…

Global Christian School Leadership Summit

You are Invited! February 1 – 3, 2017 WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY Join together with fellow Christian school leaders (early education, elementary, secondary, and higher education) from around the world to cast a unified vision for the years ahead. Calling all Christian school leaders, at every level of education, around the country and around the globe! WE … More Global Christian School Leadership Summit

What Easter and the Presidential Primaries Have in Common

“Trust me—I’m very interested in this election, even more about what it’s revealing about the character of our nation than who will actually reach office.” i As Easter passed and the media chattered constantly about political primaries and presidential candidates, we at American Christian Tours could not help but sense a bit of déjà vu. … More What Easter and the Presidential Primaries Have in Common

Gratitude and a reflective, quiet spirit go hand-in-hand. We’re not talking about momentary gratitude—the kind where you make sure to text a very sincere “Thnx a lot!! emoji, emoji…” but then quickly move about your busy day. Rather, we are speaking of the gratitude that is a way of life—a pervasive attitude that affects every … More

Krista: Program Leader-Blogger-Worldchanger

Krista has been a part of the ACTS team since 2010 leading students throughout the historic East Coast.  She is an enthusiastic storyteller whose passion for Jesus and America shine as she champions young people and adults to live their lives for a greater purpose! Check out Krista’s blog post on  where she addresses the question: … More Krista: Program Leader-Blogger-Worldchanger

How can a 6th grader be a patriot?

Students today are being impacted by many things. Pop culture, social media, games, and entertainment are all competing for the hearts of America’s youth. Are patriotism and self-sacrifice becoming out-dated? We don’t think so. Investing in our young people has lasting impact. A sixth-grader on a recent Education Program shares her story – in her … More How can a 6th grader be a patriot?