What’s the difference?

Have you ever been skeptical of certain establishments (or people) that carry the label “Christian”? Do you ever struggle to find any significant difference between some of these establishments and their secular counterparts? Whether it be coffee shops, restaurants, sports teams, bands, schools, celebrities, families, or the like, sometimes the name “Christian” seems to go … More What’s the difference?

Book Review: Being George Washington

George Washington is so old school!  Yawn…let’s talk about someone interesting!   If that’s your first response to yet another book about George, you are about to be surprised!  EPL Russ reviews this readable yet informative book about our first president. Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man, as You’ve Never Seen Him by Glenn Beck was a … More Book Review: Being George Washington

How can a 6th grader be a patriot?

Students today are being impacted by many things. Pop culture, social media, games, and entertainment are all competing for the hearts of America’s youth. Are patriotism and self-sacrifice becoming out-dated? We don’t think so. Investing in our young people has lasting impact. A sixth-grader on a recent Education Program shares her story – in her … More How can a 6th grader be a patriot?

Happy Thanksgiving

We, at American Christian Tours, wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  Our blessings are abundant as we consider our family, which includes staff, vendors, and schools.  God is so very good.  Below is an article written by our Director of Education, Marshall Foster, which you may want to include in your Thanksgiving … More Happy Thanksgiving