What’s the difference?

Have you ever been skeptical of certain establishments (or people) that carry the label “Christian”? Do you ever struggle to find any significant difference between some of these establishments and their secular counterparts? Whether it be coffee shops, restaurants, sports teams, bands, schools, celebrities, families, or the like, sometimes the name “Christian” seems to go … More What’s the difference?

How now…

As followers of Jesus Christ look at the evolving culture in the United States, it is easy to see that it is drifting away from its Judeo-Christian roots.  Yet when asked how Christians should engage with the culture, many are at a loss of how to respond.  EPL Krista reviews what has become a classic on … More How now…

Global Christian School Leadership Summit

You are Invited! February 1 – 3, 2017 WEDNESDAY – FRIDAY Join together with fellow Christian school leaders (early education, elementary, secondary, and higher education) from around the world to cast a unified vision for the years ahead. Calling all Christian school leaders, at every level of education, around the country and around the globe! WE … More Global Christian School Leadership Summit

The Making of America

 American Christian Tours Education Program Leaders are lifelong learners!  In order to give their best while on the road with students, they invest in their own learning at home.  Corrie H. recently completed a program provided by The National Center for Constitutional Studies; this is her review. The National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS)’s eleven … More The Making of America

Spiritual Formation in an Age of Entitlement

With permission, we share the thoughts below, which were presented by ACSI’s President, Dr. Dan Egeler.  They are challenging and powerful. As leaders who hope to impact the next generation, this is a must read.  Although this article was written a few years ago, the results remain the same and are actually stronger with increased data support. … More Spiritual Formation in an Age of Entitlement


In order to equip students to effectively engage in the culture as Christians, it is important that they understand what it means to have a Christian worldview and how that makes a difference in every area of their lives. A “worldview” is simply a way of looking at the world and our role in it. … More WHAT IS CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW AND WHY SHOULD IT MATTER IN STUDENT TRAVEL