Another ACTS Benefit!

We are excited to share an innovative feature to make your Education Program even better!

As you are aware, your Education Program includes a keepsake DVD from Group Travel Videos that is a collection of the pictures your group captures while on your program.  The creators of that video have been working hard to create an app that will make connecting with your group amazingly easy! Please check out the video below for user-friendly information on how to take advantage of this exciting new feature and benefit.

Geo-Mapping & Messaging

Our newest innovation at Group Travel Videos

A geo-mapping and messaging feature is now built right into the Group Travel Videos™ app!  With this new feature, you, as the Organizer, will have the ability to see the whereabouts of the entire group while on tour and can message an individual or the entire group. Trip participants can message you or respond to a message from the EPL; they are not able to message among themselves through the app. Those ‘following from home’ will not have access to the map or messaging.

To download this free app, simply search for Group Travel Videos on the Apple and Google app stores.  Once installed, log in with your specific codes and you are all set.

Click on the image below to view a short video.

Photo video

Thank you for choosing American Christian Tours as the provider for your student travel.

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