3 TIPS for Preparing a Proposal for an Educational Travel Program

Blog June 2016

If you have ever felt the same way, check out these 3 TIPS for preparing a proposal for an educational travel program. The more prepared you are before presenting your idea to your administration team, the more likely they will give your ideas their full consideration

1. Do Your Homework

  • Research several different travel companies. Pay attention to things such as mission statements, experience, value for money, etc. While you definitely want to minimize cost, beware that some companies may advertise a price that is not all-inclusive (gratuities, entrance into attractions listed, etc.).
  • Research several different destinations, comparing cost as well as alignment with your educational goals.
  1. Know Your Purpose
  • Oftentimes the word “travel” is synonymized with non-educational, vacation-like fun. While student trips certainly can be a great time, “fun” and “educational” do not have to be mutually exclusive. Prepare and present a list of your already-established educational goals that can be enhanced and more deeply ingrained in your students via on-site learning.
  1. Anticipate The Questions

    Demonstrating that you have anticipated questions and found solutions will go a long way in winning administration approval. You may already know what questions your administration will raise against student travel. If not, here are three of the most common questions and how to debunk them:

  • “It’s too costly.”
    Yes travel is costly, but there are a number of options to defray the cost including fundraising, student scholarships, adjusting length and destinations of the trip, etc.
  • “There’s no time in the school calendar.”
    Try planning the trip right after school lets out, during J-term or May-term, or in conjunction with spring break. Emphasize the educational value of the trip and devise a plan to ensure students will complete all classwork for other subjects ahead of time.

“It’s too much work to plan.”
Choose a tour company that does the bulk of the work for you.
At American Christian Tours, we know you have enough concerns running a classroom, so we make running an educational trip as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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