BOOK REVIEW: Building Godly Nations by Stephen McDowell

BOOK REVIEW: Building Godly Nations by Stephen McDowell

Submitted by Traci G., Education Program Leader

If you have ever had any question about whether to send your child to public school or to a private Christian school, READ THIS BOOK! When there were little ones in my family I was determined that private school was the way to go. However as I saw the difficulty of producing the tuition and fees involved with a private education, I concluded that I had grown up in public school and learned to stand up for my beliefs and to appreciate the differences between people–and I turned out OK. I did not realize the fallacy of my thinking until I read this book.

building GodlyThe primary emphasis of Building Godly Nations is that there can be no growth externally unless there is internal growth first. To have a godly nation we need to be applying godly principles. The very foundation of a godly nation and government is the Christian education of the children.

I have discovered that much of the current thinking about government is in fact humanistic, rather than Christian. We have all too often embraced these ideas losing sight of the fact that it is the responsibility of the family and church to educate the children.

Due to the changes that began in the early 1920s, we have been taught unbiblical ideas about government, self-government, and education. Our nation as a whole has been falsely taught that our Founding Fathers were deistic, or worse yet non-Christian, wealthy bigots! This book goes much deeper into issues and truths regarding the Christian foundation of our nation and our Constitution. I realize how much I didn’t know and that much of what I was taught was not true.

Building Godly Nations outlines the following premise: No one can govern a kingdom, if they can’t govern their city0491; they can’t govern their city, if they can’t govern their business; they can’t govern their business if they can’t govern their family; and they can’t govern their family if they can’t govern themselves. To me, that says it all! The Christian community all too often takes the world’s view in believing that what is going wrong in our nation is everyone else’s fault, not our own. Building Godly Nations gave me a renewed commitment to be more self-governing, to be more involved in local elections and campaigns, and to know my godly history!

The more I learn about the extreme sacrifices and commitment the Pilgrims made even before reaching Plymouth, the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and their commitment to establishing a godly nation with a godly government, the more grateful I am and the more I want to continue the legacy. So many books present the past sacrifices and the current woes, but not what to do about it. I now know more fully what to do personally and professionally to make a difference.

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